Case Study: Carlsberg Breweries

The telephone system used in the old days used to be only Denmark. Then it was extended to Norway and Sweden, later on Finland and now it’s out in 9 different countries in Europe.

My name is Soren Orland Petersen, and my title is Electric and Telecom Manager. I’ve been working for Carlsberg for almost 35 years.

You can say it’s the fourth biggest in the world. We cover more than 500 different brands. We are selling Carlsberg in more than 150 countries.

Carlsberg has been working with equipment from Mitel since 1982.

And the first application we had was a normal switchboard for the operators.

We have, of course, got new applications. So the main application today is CMG. We have around 7000 extensions—and that is both analog, digital and IP phones. Of them, in 7 countries, we have Solidus eCare agents, all together we have 500 agents.

We of course calculated what our base was at that time and how much it will be after its implementation through Mitel. And the cost saving there was actually 38%. And it’s so much more manageable now.

We have tested most of the system, and it’s very very reliable. I would say almost bulletproof. It’s very very easy to scale up and down. It is a system that is easy to integrate to our SAP system.

I would say the way we have worked together has been excellent. We have really unique countries where we have to put up new equipment. It has been done very very smoothly.

Of course, we are happy with our Mitel, but we can also see that we will probably Cloud solution in the future.  But Mitel is also ready for that, so I see no reason why one shouldn’t use Mitel compared to other companies.

It will be the best phone system for us for a long time.

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