Weber State Credit Union Case Study

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With an end-of-life phone system that lacked business productivity features, Weber State Credit Union was unable to accommodate growth. Mitel’s VoIP solution was right on the money, providing extensive integration and contact center features. 

Weber State Credit Union


  • Implement a scalable, automated solution with robust reporting that would support growth
  • Needed a solution that would integrate with the organization’s customer service and financial services platform, Symitar™, plus support IVR capabilities and advanced contact center features.


  • The Mitel UC deployment included a VoIP system, Mitel Enterprise Contact Center, IP phones, Mitel Communicator, mobile application, and switches.


  • Improved contact center reporting
  • Better support for remote workers
  • Ease of administration
  • Ability to provide elevated member service
  • Streamlined integration of Symitar and IVR applications


Weber State Credit Union is a full-service credit union, providing financial solutions to members worldwide. Established sixty years ago, Utah-based Weber State Credit Union today has over 10,000 members and a growing staff. 


Weber State Credit Union’s existing phone system was at the end of life, and the platform was unable to accommodate growth. Adding agents or handsets required an expensive hardware and software upgrade, and the system had become impossible to manage inhouse.

Weber State Credit Union was at a crossroads. As the credit union staff continued to grow and new branches initiated the need for support, it became apparent that there weren’t any Mitel engineers in the area who were capable of expanding or maintaining the system. In addition, the Mitel platform was unable to scale without a massive, and expensive, hardware and software upgrade. At that point, it made more sense to look at a new phone system.

“Sadly, the Mitel system was only nine years old, but to do any administrative functions like adding an agent or reassigning handsets and extensions was a nightmare. Little things like that really made a big difference in efficiency,” said Ben Christensen, vice president and CIO at Weber State Credit Union. “We were on our own and couldn’t even hunt down documentation.”

An informal RFP was fielded to several organizations, but none had the expertise to deploy contact center reporting features, nor the experience to integrate the system with Weber State Credit Union’s financial platform and IVR capabilities.

“I’ve been involved in different telecom solutions at other institutions and I was very familiar with Cisco and Avaya, the old Nortel, and NEC. I knew what functionality we were looking for and at what price point. As I started to dig deeper into Mitel and talk with different resources, I was sold,” said Christensen.

A week after contacting a Mitel partner, Christensen received a detailed and complex project plan that included a specialist to handle the in-depth ECC features and integration.


As the planning progressed, it became clear that Mitel unified communications and Mitel Enterprise Contact Center were a natural fit for Weber State Credit Union.

“By integrating with our financial platform, Symitar, agents receive information about the member from an auto pop feature, which has improved efficiency and customer service,”

Ben Christensen, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Weber State Credit Union

“By integrating with our financial platform, Symitar, agents receive information about the member from an auto pop feature, which has improved efficiency and customer service,” said Christensen

The phone system, auto attendant, reporting and 98% of the features were deployed within a six-week window. During the cutover, Weber State Credit Union’s team unplugged Mitel and plugged in Mitel. Since the cutover, there hasn’t been a single hiccup or a minute of downtime.

Post-deployment, training staff became a priority. A special lab was set up so staff members could have firsthand experience with the phones and the software. Feedback was phenomenal.

Employees found the Mitel system very intuitive. For IT, scheduling, add/changes/moves, and programming handsets has been seamless – a night-and-day difference compared to Mitel.

Mitel has changed the way Weber State Credit Union employees do business. Using the Mitel Communicator instant messaging feature is standard operating procedure.

“I think the biggest improvement is that users have migrated away from managing calls on the handset to the desktop for basic functions like call forwarding, transferring a call, setting up conference calls and recording phone calls. Now they just click on the screen,” said Christensen.

Reporting capabilities offer historical and real-time snapshots of efficiency, and the auto attendant has lightened the load in the contact center. Before the call is presented to the agent, the pop-up feature elicits the member’s account number and basic information. In addition, the auto attendant offers callers several different options and directs the member to the right department, enabling staff to answer within the first 30 seconds.

Integration into Symitar is streamlining business processes. The database lets agents know if the member has delinquent loans or a payment that’s overdue and pulls up the last six transactions on the account and the security information within 20 seconds.

Symitar software also includes an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) solution. The IVR solution enables automated reporting so Weber State Credit Union can see how many transfers a member makes, how many times they call in, and frequency of usage. This gives the organization visibility into what products and services a member uses. Additional improvements are anticipated as IT continues to automate various aspects of the Mitel system.


Prior to the Mitel deployment, Weber State Credit Union didn’t know how many calls were coming into the contact center or its volume patterns. With insight into call period volumes, administrators can assign resources to the contact center based on demand, which has enabled the organization to hire fewer personnel.

A live chat feature on the website is next on the agenda. The Weber State Credit Union help desk receives 20 to 50 email messages a day. With a website chat service, members will receive immediate answers to questions rather than having to wait for an email response.

With the Mitel Mobility feature, the organization plans to offer business services after hours without keeping the office open.

“We can set up employees at their home and let them manage the call queues. This will enable us to offer extended hours and provide better customer service with less overhead,” explained Christensen.

“Mitel is a dynamic, intuitive, robust and manageable solution. Since we went live, we’ve had zero downtime. We have redundancy on every database and all of it’s automated. On a scale of 1 to 10, Mitel is absolutely a 10,” said Christensen.

“Mitel is a dynamic, intuitive, robust and manageable solution... On a scale of 1 to 10, Mitel is absolutely a 10.”

Ben Christensen, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Weber State Credit Union