ShoreTel “Do Not Call” Integration

Recommended for:

  • Any company involved with outbound calling campaigns
  • Businesses dependent upon cost-effective outbound marketing
  • CC fines retroactive and prohibitively steep
  • Fee avoidance ROI easily demonstrable


  • Automatic, reliable blocking of outbound calls to designated phone numbers
  • Real-time Connection to customer provided Do Not Call (DNC) data
  • DNC enforcement is combined with call coding capabilities of Mitel Cost Recovery Integration
  • Integration with customer maintained database
  • Solution replaces built-in Mitel Account Code Feature
  • Software only Application loaded onto Mitel Director server


  • Automatic screening and blocking of calls in real-time
  • Customer directly controls DNC database Subscribers individually configured for one or both of Call Blocking and Call Coding Maintains detailed log of DNC blocking events for later review & analysis​

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