ShoreTel Real-Time Workgroup Monitor

Recommended for:

Any company that uses Mitel Workgroups and wants to improve call center efficiency and customer satisfaction


  • Real-time performance display for Mitel Workgroups
  • Statistics displayed in graphical and table formats
  • Displays both Queue & individual Agent trends
  • Customizable thresholds for visual “red/yellow/green” status and audible alerts
  • Software loaded onto Mitel server and associated client desktop machines


  • Enhancement to Workgroups for customers who do not require full Contact Center
  • Enables call center supervisors to react quickly to trends such as increasingly long wait times or large numbers of abandoned calls
  • Supervisors customize their application “palette” to contain desired views
  • Intuitive and easy to configure
  • At a Glance, Trend, and Abandoned Call Detail views for groups
  • Summary & Detail comparative performance reports for individual agents
  • Large format option for displaying key statistics on big screens